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About Jan OHan

What can I say about a lifetime of interest, education, and experience in the Holistic Health field? It started at sixteen when I followed my brother's lead and switched to a vegetarian way of eating, and then read Diet for a Small Planet by Francis Moore Lappe; I was hooked.


I pursued a degree in science education and holistic therapies and put my education into practice when I opened Positive Change Health Center. My associates and I offered treatments, including Therapeutic Massage, Ayurveda, and Colon Hydrotherapy, with classes in Whole Food Cooking, Yoga, and Weight Loss to name a few. It was thrilling to see people change and get well.

Fast forward to now, when after retiring from hands-on therapies, I still find myself passionate about the educational aspect of wellness. When people tell me of their situations, and I suggest holistic strategies, it is disturbing to me that the average person is not more aware of what natural and simple therapy is available that can help. In addition, as I have been fortunate enough to go through the aging process, I have found self-help practices that help slow down biological aging even as chronological age marches on. We can do things to help ourselves stay healthy and vital!

So, I desire to share information and tools and hold your hand on this journey. I would love for my experience to be helpful to you, whether it is from reading a book that I have written, following my blog, watching a YouTube video, or working with me one on one.

Thanks for visiting. Let's stay in touch.           Jan OHan

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